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Committed to Fulton Families.


"I have known Judge Paige Whitaker for over a decade and am proud to endorse and support her. We were colleagues in the District Attorney's office where I served as the head of the Anti-Gang Unit. I relied on her expertise then, as we worked together to keep Fulton County safe. Now, as a criminal defense lawyer and business lawyer, I trust her fairness and experience as a judge.

Join with me and vote to re-elect Judge Whitaker as Fulton Superior Court Judge."

"Fulton County Superior Court Judge Whitaker consistently exemplifies a high commitment to public service and professionalism. 

Judge Whitaker demonstrates a sense of duty to her undertakings that has been and continues to be invaluable. 

I absolutely believe that she engages in public service with great respect, intelligence, patience, and compassion. These are the qualities that I believe are truly essential for anyone in public service."

J. Gabriel Banks


April W. Ross (she/her)

Executive Director

Georgia Commission on Family Violence

"I have seen first hand the compassion Judge Whitaker displays on the bench. Namely, her patience and compassion explaining issues/rules to a pro se defendant in a large civil suit."

Stephanie Miller

Fulton County resident

"This week I served on my first jury at Fulton County Superior court for a criminal trial…
I especially wanted to compliment Judge Paige Whitaker for her professionalism and making the juror experience interesting, educational, and even enjoyable."


Criminal Jury Trial

“Judge Whitaker is a great judge who always impresses me."

Adam Malone


“I appreciate Judge Whitaker being a smart and fair judge who takes the job seriously, and tries to get it right."

Jason Carter


“I have only appeared in front of Judge Whitaker once and I lost. But she impressed me enormously with her obvious work in advance to delve into an esoteric area of the law (zoning). I knew she listened and understood. That's all I ask."

Kathy Zickert


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"I am passionate about Fulton County, its people, families, and community. I serve because of you."

Judge Paige Reese Whitaker has been a trial judge on the Superior Court of Fulton County since 2017, proudly serving Fulton County with integrity, balance, and fairness.

A 1992 graduate of Duke University Law School, Judge Whitaker has practiced law in both the private and public sectors, including with the Georgia Attorney General's Office and as a Deputy District Attorney in Fulton County.

Judge Paige Reese Whitaker has made Fulton County her home for three decades with her husband and two sons.

A compassionate and fair judge, Judge Whitaker views her judgeship as a position of trust - with the opportunity for service as she collaborates with community organizations, businesses, and justice partners to improve the courts with openness and fairness.

Join with us to Re-Elect Judge Paige Reese Whitaker as our Fulton County Superior Court Judge. All judicial races are nonpartisan and will be decided on Tuesday, May 24, 2022.


Donate today! Click the Donate button to give online. To donate by check, make payable to the Committee to Keep Judge Whitaker, to P.O. Box 19512, Atlanta, GA 30325.


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